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NYC singer/songwriter Martin Rivas delivers rich, beautiful album

NYC singer/songwriter Martin Rivas delivers rich, beautiful album

Martin Rivas’ sixth solo work, Reliquary, began while he was attending a religious artifacts exhibition during his last UK tour. He couldn’t stop thinking about how “we all carry a bit of each other within us,” a notion perfectly clear throughout the album- a summer must-buy to be released July 10th. Back in New York, the songwriter added […]

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Video of the Week: "Rubble and the Dust"

Video of the Week: “Rubble and the Dust”

“I knew he wasn’t right for me very early on. Little things he said or did made me uncomfortable and even irritated. I wanted so much to be in love that I ignored the signs and tried to “work on myself” rather than admit defeat. This song was written the night he dumped me. After […]

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Video of the Week: Bri Arden's "Domino" Mash Up

Video of the Week: Bri Arden’s “Domino” Mash Up

Mash ups are all the rage in the current music scene, and Bri Arden’s cover of “Domino” is no exception.  A unique and original hybrid of Jessie J’s hit song “Domino” and Van Morrison’s of the same name, this version will have you “dancing in the moonlight” all the way to the final notes.  If […]

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Artist Spotlight: Beth Skillicorn

Artist Spotlight: Beth Skillicorn

Beth Skillicorn is a self taught artist, writer and designer who has created works of art mostly for self expression. Her style is evident throughout all her works She has developed many of her own techniques and unique mediums, from bas-relief carved papers to thick plaster frescos, from charcoal and ink drawings to pastel rendering on distressed clay […]

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The Last Drop of Color: New York-based songwriter Matt Cranstoun brings inspiring album to life

The Last Drop of Color: New York-based songwriter Matt Cranstoun brings inspiring album to life

A first listen to Matt Cranstoun´s new single “Tattoo” is somewhat surprising. Once you´re about to get used to its sticking initial beat, the song manages to reinvent itself into something even better and quite more amusing. As it should, “Tattoo” sets the tone for what it is to be expected of The Last Drop […]

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Will Knox Releases "Lexicon"

Will Knox Releases “Lexicon”

Songwriter Will Knox announces release of Comic Book EP ‘Lexicon’ in the Apple App Store 11/1/11. Album artwork has suffered a blow in the digital music industry. Gone are the days of lavishly decorated 12”x12” record covers, fold-out posters & lyric inserts. Now most artwork that accompanies MP3 downloads has been diminished to a small […]

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Derek James: "Take You Out Dancing"

Derek James: “Take You Out Dancing”

Derek James’s Take You Out Dancing is aptly named.  Full of upbeat tracks with strong swing influences, you cannot listen to it without tapping your foot along with the music. On my first stream of the album, I felt as if I was being transported back sixty or so years. There are clear jazz influences, […]

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Chrissi Poland: Songs From The Concrete

Chrissi Poland: Songs From The Concrete

In a scene inundated with talent, self-starters, brilliant writers, and powerful voices, it’s difficult to set yourself a notch above the rest.  Singer-songwriter Chrissi Poland has exceeded this task with her latest EP, Songs from the Concrete, a collection of seven tracks that showcases an immense amount of soul and heart, as well as her […]

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Alex Berger: "Snow Globe"

Alex Berger: "Snow Globe"

The key to getting your first album right straight out of the gate lies in the hands of life experience, something Alex Berger sings of with class, passion, and a hint of pizzazz on his newly released record, “Snow Globe.”  From the opening track, “Where I Left You Last,” which pulls at the familiar strings […]

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