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Video: "Time Is Gold"

Video: “Time Is Gold”

Caleb Hawley performs his original song “Time is Gold” at The Green Note in Camden Town, London.  Filmed on Day 2 of the US and the Brit tour with Alex Berger and Bess Rogers.

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Video: The Fighter

Video: The Fighter

Alex Berger performs his new song “The Fighter” featuring Caleb Hawley and Bess Rogers.  This clip is from their show at Latest Music Bar in Brighton this past Monday.  For more of Alex’s music or to help support his new Rocket Hub campaign to fund his next album please visit

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In My Life.

In My Life.

It’s the Monday after a long holiday weekend in the States, and here in London I’m getting ready to head out to Brighton for the next show on the US and the Brit Tour featuring Bess Rogers, Alex Berger and Caleb Hawley.  This weekend was an interesting one for me, as I celebrated both Thanksgiving […]

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