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Caleb Hawley: "Steps"

One of the most difficult things for a singer-songwriter to accomplish is to capture the energy, excitement, and presence conveyed at a live performance in a limited CD track list.  While albums offer clean, crisp recordings, mixed and mastered to the artist’s content, chock full of special instruments, overdubs, and sounds that can only be […]

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Porter Block: The Spirit of Collaboration

Porter Block: The Spirit of Collaboration

One of the most interesting aspects of the NYC independent music scene is the collaborative efforts that occur on a nightly basis in every side of the community.  From singer-songwriters jumping onstage with friends to play and sing back-up, to writing sessions, to producing each other’s records, no stone goes unturned amongst friends and colleagues. […]

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CMJ Has Arrived!

There comes a time of year when thousands of talented, passionate artists, hungry, aggressive executives, and adoring, eager fans gather together to support the independent industry celebrating a hopeful discovery of the latest and greatest.  This week is called CMJ, a Music Marathon and Film Festival that starts today, October 20, in our grand old […]

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Give a Little Bit...

Give a Little Bit…

It’s so easy as artists to get caught up in the selfish aspect of the business.  Constant self-promoting, unavoidable praise and criticism, and the permanent wheel of creativity that spins in your head leaves little time for other outlets in your life.  Sometimes, it’s best to stop for a moment, and instead of working on […]

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Where To Find Your NYC Artists...

Where To Find Your NYC Artists…

…this chilly fall week in New York. Tonight, Tuesday, October 13 head over to the Red Lion.  You’ll find Kailin Garrity playing there at 7:00pm with Martin Rivas, Craig Meyer, and Chris LoPresto.  Stick around after Kailin’s set for our most recently featured artist Jill Stevenson, rocking a solo set starting at 8:30pm.  If you’re […]

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Jill Stevenson:  Lessons Learned

Jill Stevenson: Lessons Learned

As many artists will tell you, the moments and people that inspire their work are rarely defined in a contrived effort to create “art.”  Sometimes, it will be the raw vulnerability that turns a complete stranger into an odd source of comfort.  Other times, the vision comes from another piece of art- a passageway between […]

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On Tap This Week…

My picks for the musical brews of the week: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7: REBEL SPIRIT MUSIC SERIES, Rockwood Music Hall, 8-11pm.  FREE SHOW! Featuring: Martin Rivas, Jefferson Hamer, Chris Batten and the Woods, and Stacy Rock! THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8: Will Knox, 9pm, Rockwood Music Hall followed by Dan Torres‘ Week Two Residency, 10pm, with Emily Hope […]

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Do you know The Mieka Canon? Well you should…

One of my favorite NYC artists, Mieka Pauley, the winner of last year’s New York Songwriter’s Circle contest, and her new band the Mieka Canon have reached out to fans for some thoughts on their music and sound.  Here’s what I have to say… Words that haunt, empower, and inspire delicately attached to chords that […]

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Happy Friday!

After two superb performances last night from NYC singer-songwriters Ian Axel and Dan Torres, I am all pumped up for a weekend filled with great friends and great music. Here’s what’s in store this weekend, 10/-10/4… TONIGHT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2 NICK HOWARD at the MERCURY LOUNGE, 8:30PM… Be sure to get there early for tix, […]

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S"Tumbl"e of the Week: Brothers Moving

Take a look at who I s”Tumbl”ed upon last night at my Tumblr page!

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