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The Hit List

TUESDAY, APRIL 20 Martin Rivas at Rockwood’s Stage 2, 8:00pm followed by Rachel Platten at 9:00pm.  Hot new venue, FREE show! WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21 Harper Blynn at The Living Room, 9:00pm. Misty Boyce at Rockwood Music Hall, 10:00pm. Schuyler Fisk at The Living Room, 10:00pm. THURSDAY, APRIL 22 Dan Torres, Rosi Golan, and Gregory Alan […]

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Patryk Larney: Sharing the Spirit of NYC

Patryk Larney: Sharing the Spirit of NYC

One of the beautiful things about New York City is the way it brings people together through art, culture, and music.  Take a look around your favorite live arts venue on any given night; you will find yourself surrounded by people who support, embrace, appreciate, and understand the courage it takes and the struggle you’ve […]

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A GREAT Week for Music

MONDAY, APRIL 12 Chrissi Poland at Rockwood Music Hall, 11:00pm Ian Axel at Rockwood Music Hall, Midnight TUESDAY, APRIL 13 Kasey Williams at The Red Lion, 7:00pm Jill Stevenson at The Red Lion, 8:00pm Songs To Unite Against Lung Cancer featuring Genevieve LaBean, Chris LoPresto and Wes Hutchinson, Rachel Platten, Casey Shea Band, and Kevin […]

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Looking for a place to rehearse or record?

Looking for a place to rehearse or record?

Are you a singer-songwriter, musician, or producer looking for a well-equipped studio to record your next demo, EP, or album?  Do you need a great rehearsal space for your next big gig? Check out Rivingtone Studios, conveniently located in the LES just steps away from Rockwood Music Hall!  Here’s what you’ll find… Rivingtone Studios 66 […]

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Shows This Week and a Songwriters Retreat

TUESDAY, APRIL 6 Lyle Divinsky at Rockwood Music Hall, 9:00pm WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7 Rebel Spirit Music Series at Rockwood Music Hall, 8:00-11:00pm featuring Matt Simons, Chris Ayer, Shanty Choir, and The Young Things THURSDAY, APRIL 8 Swamp Cabbage at Rockwood Music Hall, 9:00pm Chad Vaccarino and Mike Campbell at Rockwood Music Hall, 10:00pm Caleb Hawley […]

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Wes Hutchinson: A Way With Words

Wes Hutchinson: A Way With Words

There are people in this world who have a way of putting thoughts and emotions into words that many cannot express.  These people are called writers, and perhaps the most powerful of the group is the songwriter, for his or her words influence and empower in a way that requires only the simple act of […]

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