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Jessica Rae: From Nashville to NYC

Jessica Rae: From Nashville to NYC

One of the great things about New York City is that we constantly have talent flooding in and passing through from other notably music-worthy cities.  Nashville in particular provides a great sisterhood with NYC, partly because of its relative proximity and partly due to it being one of the songwriting hubs of the country. This […]

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The Traveling Artist: Part One

One of the most exciting things about being a performer is having the opportunity to see the world while doing what you love.  Such is the case for singer-songwriter Chris Ayer, who just this morning embarked on a trip to Singapore to participate in a week long residency at a prestigious new venue. Nestled south […]

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Labor Day Music!

Staying in the city this Labor Day Weekend? Here’s a few events to check out! Friday, September 3: Matt Simons- Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1. 8:00pm. Free show. Chris Ayer- Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1. 9:00pm. Free show. Stephanie White and the Philthharmonic- The Bitter End. 9:00pm.  Full band! Greg Holden- Rockwood Music Hall, Stage […]

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The Starving Artist

While it’s no secret that New York City is not exactly the cheapest place to live, some how, some way, artists manage to make it work.  Part of the secret includes knowing the cheapest spots to enjoy your favorite things, while sticking to your incredibly tight budget.  We may make sacrifices in working our way […]

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