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From the Editor: What defines success?

From the Editor: What defines success?

The past few weeks I’ve been posting the words and wisdom of fellow artists in an effort to reach out to readers who may be struggling with the same thoughts, frustrations and progress.  In reading what my colleagues shared, I noticed a common thread amongst all entries- the routine questioning of our place in life […]

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Patryk Larney: Music-i-AM vs. Musician

Patryk Larney: Music-i-AM vs. Musician

This week’s artist to artist advice comes from NYC Artist Patryk Larney, who was inspired to write this post after receiving an e-mail from a friend seeking advice on his shaky career.  He addresses the questions many artists face over the rocky and brutally realistic course of pursuing their dream… do I keep going or […]

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Rachel Platten: Top 10 Reasons To Feel Amazing Now.

Rachel Platten: Top 10 Reasons To Feel Amazing Now.

I came across this blog post written by NYC Artist Rachel Platten the other day and I thought it was worth reposting to my readers.  I’m sure many people  can relate to the feelings her friend is experiencing and could benefit from Rachel’s beautiful words.  For more of Rach’s thoughts and writing check out her […]

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John Schmitt: "A Season of Faith's Perfection."

John Schmitt: “A Season of Faith’s Perfection.”

Here’s a poem I wrote about my experiences here in the Scene.  I think it speaks to the community as a whole, in what we all do and strive to be. ~John Schmitt A Season of Faith’s Perfection (From the movie “Finding Forrester,” starring Sean Connery) “Sit. Go ahead.” “Go ahead and what?” “Write.” “What […]

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Event Alert! "Graceland": A Tribute To Paul Simon

Event Alert! “Graceland”: A Tribute To Paul Simon

Mark your calendars for this Sunday, March 13 at 7:30pm! Sam Teichman hosts “Graceland”: A Tribute To Paul Simon, a fundraiser for City Harvest at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2.  The talent line up includes Chris Ayer, Brian Collazo, Kevin Collazo and Jason Vargas (of Live Society), Bryan Dunn, Lara Ewen, Wil Farr (of Harrah! A Bolt of Light), Craig Greenberg, Hillary […]

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Exclusive Interview: Wesley Verhoeve of Family Records

Exclusive Interview: Wesley Verhoeve of Family Records

In the arts world it’s easy to be mesmerized by a beautiful dance, enchanting melody, moving monologue, or detailed portrait.  Being a primarily visual medium, we focus on the talent in front of us and enjoy the moment and emotion they evoke and present.  What we often forget are the people behind these artists… the […]

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Casey Shea: "On Spec"

Casey Shea: “On Spec”

I spend a lot of time working on something called “spec.” WELCOME TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!!!  Doing something “on spec” is doing something on your own time and on your own dime with no guarantee that anything will ever come of it. Spec is as much hope as it is hopeless.  My life is apparently […]

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Event Alert! G.I.G.- Get.It.Good.

Event Alert! G.I.G.- Get.It.Good.

In January an innovative new workshop premiered at STEPS on Broadway, featuring the live music of Caleb Hawley and the choreographic vision of Whitney G-Bowley.  Two months later, thrilled and receptive audiences will have the opportunity to see G.I.G. come to life on stage, with it’s debut performance at the Highline Ballroom this Sunday, March […]

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