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Exclusive Interview: Mat Kearney

Exclusive Interview: Mat Kearney

In late 2006 I was driving to work and this awesome, roll-your-windows-down-sing-out-loud-and-embrace-life song came on the radio.  That song was Mat Kearney’s “Nothing Left to Lose.” I immediately added it to my playlist for dance class, along with the rest of his album, and found myself passing this new singer-songwriter along to colleagues and students […]

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Emily Zuzik: Exercising Restraint

Emily Zuzik: Exercising Restraint

How I let go of fear, threw away demo love and became an effective co-writer… By Emily Zuzik I’m a do-it-all kind of gal. I’m lucky to have discovered writing so early in my life. Perhaps the Midwest really didn’t turn me on all that much, but from as far back as I can remember, […]

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Inspiring Talks: Conan O’Brien

A witty, poignant, and powerful commencement speech by Conan O’Brien to Dartmouth College.  Take the time to watch this… you will laugh, you will relate, and you will re-think the way you look at your life, your goals and your dreams.  I’ve also included a link where you can read the speech as well. “It […]

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Live Passionately.

Live Passionately.

The past few weeks I’ve been missing from the usual bustle of the NYC live arts scene because I’ve been with family celebrating a very exciting time.  My younger brother, Anthony, graduated from medical school last Sunday, and will be starting his residency at Methodist Hospital in Park Slope next month. Anthony and I are […]

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Inspiring Talks: Steve Jobs

A few years ago I got turned onto the addictive talks of, a site that posts videos of speeches from some of the most brilliant, influential and inspiring people in the world.  For me it all started with Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my favorite writers, who spoke passionately about creativity. In the spirit of the […]

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From the Editor: The Power of Words

When I was in eighth grade I was cast as one of the three leads in our school musical, “Anything Goes.”  I played Bonnie, a character role, and it was the first time ever I had a vocal solo onstage.  I was also the choreographer for many of the show’s big numbers, a job I […]

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