Will Knox Releases “Lexicon”

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Songwriter Will Knox announces release of Comic Book EP ‘Lexicon’ in the Apple App Store 11/1/11.

Album artwork has suffered a blow in the digital music industry. Gone are the days of lavishly decorated 12”x12” record covers, fold-out posters & lyric inserts. Now most artwork that accompanies MP3 downloads has been diminished to a small square in the corner of our iPod screens.

“MP3 players are entirely responsible reducing the role of artwork in music, but they can also be responsible for reviving it.” Knox said. “This technology is so new and powerful, we have more creative control than ever before, as long as we embrace change. If want to continue selling music we have to provide music fans with more than a single & a head-shot; they deserve an experience.”

Will Knox, 25, an alternative/folk songwriter born and raised in London UK now based in Brooklyn NY, made a conscious decision to incorporate more artwork in music while making his debut album, The Matador & The Acrobat, releasing his CD with a lyric book of illustrations inspired by the songs. This process influenced him to release his latest EP, Lexicon, entirely as a comic book. Listeners can download the MP3s with a unique download code printed in each comic book, then follow the lyrics & illustrations while listening to the songs.

Innovating these current techniques a step further, Knox is releasing Lexicon as an iPad + iPhone App that lets you flick through the pages using your fingertips while listening the music. The Lexicon App will be available to the public on November 1st, 2011 and the physical comic book is at one’s disposal now from Knox’s website; both include a download code to retrieve all 5 tracks.

The story, as told through the lyrics, was brought to life by freelance Marvel Comic artist Robin Ha, “as an effort to bring music, lyrics and artwork closer together in a new age of digital technology”, Knox said.

Lexicon was Produced by ‘Fab’ at New York’s Flux Studios, Engineered by Meredith McCandless, Guitar & Vocals: Will Knox, Drums: Timur Yusef, Bass: Chris Anderson, Banjo: Kyle James Hauser, Violin: Clayton Mathews, Keyboards: Erik Deutsch.


  • November 2011: US West Coast with Jon Solo

  • December 2011: US Northeast with Alec Gross + Jake Hill + Jim Hanft

  • January 2012: UK & Europe with Alec Gross


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