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Well it’s my last night in London and the official conclusion of this round of NYCAS On Tour, and as I sit amongst my half-packed bags, scattered Christmas presents, and random currency from different countries I can’t help but feel so grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had this trip.  I wanted to take a moment to thank the people who helped support the tour and who were kind enough to let me tag along and stick my camera in their faces every now and then.

Warning: It’s a pretty long list.

Huge thanks to…

BANDZOOGLE: The official sponsor of NYCAS On Tour and a great supporter of the site.  If you are a musician or a band looking to build a fantastic, user-friendly, and super functional site this is your company.  Click on the link and get a three month trial through NYC Art Scene!

Benji Rogers of PLEDGE MUSIC: Another wonderful supporter of the arts, music and NYCAS! Members of Pledge will have access to the exclusive guide to London and UK music venues that was researched and compiled on this trip.  If you are looking to crowd-fund your next album while supporting your favorite charity check them out at

NICK HOWARD, along with Spencer Cohen, Michael Reid, Ian Hamilton, Malcolm Gold, Ashley Hicklin and Michelle Girolami who provided me with a true behind-the-scenes look at life on the road and the music scene in Germany.  Make sure to check out Nick’s music at

SHELLEY TAYLOR: Founder of the Nomad Chef and a fellow American who showed me the ropes and opened the door for many new connections in my first weekend in London.  Learn more about Shelley and the Nomad Chef at, and be sure to watch/donate to Shelley’s moving Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary she made about the death of her only son.

ALEX BERGER, CALEB HAWLEY and BESS ROGERS: Three fantastic singer-songwriters in their own rights and well-traveled musicians who toured the UK for 10 days in late November/early December.  Special thanks to the trio for the memorable birthday celebration in Nottingham at Guitar Bar.

STEPHANIE ROBERTS: My newfound London-based business partner and instant friend.  Steph and I are launching an innovative international artist management and development company called NYLO that will service independent musicians and bands in NYC and London.  We also have a brand-new community building concept that will coincide with the debut of the company so stay tuned!  For more info follow us on Twitter at @nyloagency or at

RAFE OFFER and SOFAR SOUNDS: Rafe is the co-founder of a brilliant secret house concerts series that has gone global.  They host evenings that bring together some of the most unique and undiscovered talents in every city, providing an atmosphere that’s drenched in true roots music… many of Sofar’s concerts are available via live stream and are continuing to expand throughout the world.  Make sure to visit the website at and sign up for the mailing list so you can be notified when one comes to a city near you.

HELEN BATHAM: A fellow music lover and supporter, Helen was my travel partner for much of the UK tour.  (Meaning she drove and I kept conversation going at 2 am).  Thanks to her I was able to explore cities outside of London and realize how hard it was to come up with songs that start with the letters S and A.

WILL KNOX: For arranging my London living situation with two of the most lovely, hospitable and generous hosts.  Will is a wonderful and talented British musician living in NYC and about to embark on a UK Tour this upcoming January.  Please check out Will’s music at and be sure to catch one of his shows when he’s in your city.

SHARON WALLACE: For providing me with my two week countryside writing retreat, where I made a lot of progress on my current novel and was able to unwind for a few days after two weeks straight of traveling.  Sharon is a fellow travel addict who I met just last year when volunteering in Costa Rica.  You just never know where connections are going to lead you.

FRIENDS, FANS AND SUPPORTERS OF NYC ART SCENE: Thank you always for sharing my passion for the arts and for spreading the word.

THE MUSICIANS OF NYC AND LONDON: You inspire me every day with your talent and commitment to your work.

And finally…

Thank you to my friends and family who have followed my travels, my journey and my endless quest to feed my curiosity of the world and the people in it.  Your love and support has made me everything I am and everything I will be.

Love, peace and gratitude to all the movers and the shakers of the world.



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