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Event Alert: SOARWARD Holiday Party

Event Alert: SOARWARD Holiday Party

You’re invited to enter the world of Soarward, LLC, created by the innovative and collaborative minds at The Shelter. Immerse yourself in this consulting company’s annual holiday party. Be a part of the humor. Revel in the drama. SOARWARD HOLIDAY PARTY is, in fact, a party. Bring your friends and lose your inhibitions. Purchase a […]

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Event Alert! "Moondance: A Tribute to Van Morrison"

Event Alert! “Moondance: A Tribute to Van Morrison”

The “Leave A Lasting Mark” Concert Series is proud to present “Moondance: A Tribute to Van Morrison” to benefit Education Through Music, presented by Nimble Records. The concert will take place at the historic Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street, from 7-9 pm on Thursday Feb 9th, 2012. This concert will feature over 45 of NYC’s […]

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Motivation Mondays: Artists Shape Up!

Motivation Mondays: Artists Shape Up!

Being an independent artist is a full-time job, and for some people it’s a SECOND full-time job.  Between booking, auditions, social media management, networking, promoting, performing, etc., it’s sometimes impossible to find 5 minutes to just grab a bite to eat and focus on your overall mental and physical well-being. NYC Art Scene wants to […]

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Hello, London.

Hello, London.

Good morning from overcast, chilly, and yet still beautiful London!  This is my third day here and I’ve already settled right in to coffee shops, long walks and meeting new people.  In just the past 48 hours I heard live music, caught up with friends, and set up meetings with some fantastic people who are […]

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One Week Til Tour!

One Week Til Tour!

Exactly one week from today NYC Art Scene will be embarking on a two month tour of London and various other European cities, gathering data, researching the best live venues and documenting it all every step of the way for The Ultimate Tour Guide for the Independent Artist. I’ve set up NYC Art Scene ON TOUR […]

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On the Rise: A Glimpse Into "Lightning Bugs"

On the Rise: A Glimpse Into “Lightning Bugs”

NYC Art Scene last spoke with Ree Merrill two years ago, when her original play “A Broken Barbie” made it’s debut at The Strawberry One-Act Festival in New York City.  Since then Ree has gone on to star in numerous independent films, join a fantastic group of artists called “The Indies Lab” and finish another piece […]

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Music and Dance: “Turn To Stone”

A few months ago I joined the team at Bari Studio, a fantastically hip fitness studio located in Tribeca.  One of my favorite aspects of this business is the unique attention it pays to not only improving your physical well-being, but also embracing culture and art to inspire you to become a more well-rounded person. […]

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Exclusive Interview: Wesley Verhoeve of Family Records

Exclusive Interview: Wesley Verhoeve of Family Records

In the arts world it’s easy to be mesmerized by a beautiful dance, enchanting melody, moving monologue, or detailed portrait.  Being a primarily visual medium, we focus on the talent in front of us and enjoy the moment and emotion they evoke and present.  What we often forget are the people behind these artists… the […]

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What is considered a "noobie?"

I’ve known Caleb Hawley as both a person and artist for three years, closely following his career. My first introduction to Caleb was at a music festival, Buffstock, held out in Western New Jersey, a place where independent, grassroots musicians gather to share their love of music and their unique and original songs.  Some of […]

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