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Video of the Week: "Rubble and the Dust"

Video of the Week: “Rubble and the Dust”

“I knew he wasn’t right for me very early on. Little things he said or did made me uncomfortable and even irritated. I wanted so much to be in love that I ignored the signs and tried to “work on myself” rather than admit defeat. This song was written the night he dumped me. After […]

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Live from New York, it's Apple West 14th!

Live from New York, it’s Apple West 14th!

With the do-it-yourself nature of today’s industry and the explosion of home recording studios and digital albums, it’s no wonder that Apple has emerged as the leader and company of choice for musicians and artists around the world.  Programs like GarageBand, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, iWeb and Logic Pro have given way to swiftly and […]

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Exclusive Interview: The Civil Wars

Exclusive Interview: The Civil Wars

The first time I heard “Poison and Wine” was at Rockwood Music Hall last summer, a song that perfectly exemplifies the dichotomy of love and frustration, and the reality of relationships.  The duo performing consisted of a petite brunette woman wearing a simple black dress on piano and a distinguished Southern gentleman donning a black […]

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New Music Picks!

Tired of the same playlist on your iPod?  Did you already have all of The Beatles songs uploaded before iTunes released them this week?  Check out some  new releases by local indie artists right here in NYC! Here are a few suggestions to get you started… check out the artist’s websites and download their music […]

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Alex Berger: "Snow Globe"

Alex Berger: "Snow Globe"

The key to getting your first album right straight out of the gate lies in the hands of life experience, something Alex Berger sings of with class, passion, and a hint of pizzazz on his newly released record, “Snow Globe.”  From the opening track, “Where I Left You Last,” which pulls at the familiar strings […]

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Ian Axel: A Contemporary Classic

Ian Axel: A Contemporary Classic

There is a moment in every artist’s life when they are no longer learning their art, but their art is learning them.  This is the only way to describe the energy that drips from every definitive and delicate stroke of the instrument Ian Axel has mastered so well  that he describes it as an extension […]

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