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North Meets South.

North Meets South.

You will be hard pressed to find an evening in New York City where there isn’t some fantastic musician, talented dancer, or gifted actor tearing up the stage from uptown to downtown.  Then there are those nights when you sit in the same spot where you plant yourself week after week, absorbing the songs and […]

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Collaborative Arts Event: GIG the Workshop!

Collaborative Arts Event: GIG the Workshop!

There is the Music World & there is the Dance World. Watch them collide. Conceived and Created by Whitney G-Bowley Producer: Heather Weiss Choreographers: Whitney G-Bowley Brad Landers Jordan Fife Hunt Music: Caleb Hawley Guest Choreographer: Dana Moore Featuring: Whitney G-Bowley (Dancer) Brad Landers (Dancer) Jordan Fife Hunt (Dancer) Felix Hess (Dancer) Stephanie Campbell (Dancer) […]

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Some New Sounds of the Season

Are you tired of hearing the same Christmas music on the radio?  Have you worn out your copy of Mariah Carey’s Christmas album? Check out some of these great holiday tunes from your local NYC artists! Some originals… Martin Rivas-  Another Christmas 78rpm Chris Ayer- Warmer Alex Wong and Rachel Platten- Make It Home.  100% […]

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Spotlight Artist Barnaby Bright: Simply "Bliss"ful

Spotlight Artist Barnaby Bright: Simply "Bliss"ful

In New York City, a place where hunger for success and trading love for fame is as common as pretzel vendors and Starbucks, the discovery of a duo pure of heart, mind, and talent is both refreshing and inspiring.  There’s something so natural and uncontrived about the music and harmonies seeping out of these lyrically-driven […]

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End of August Shows

The hottest shows to catch between now and the end of August! Monday, August 23: Rosi Golan, Madi Diaz, and The Civil Wars at Rockwood Stage 2. Doors at 7pm. Tix $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Tuesday, August 24: Bri Arden at The Bitter End, 8:00pm. Norman Vladmir at Pianos, 10:00pm. Friday, August […]

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To Busk or Not To Busk?

It seems that anywhere we go in NYC we’re greeted with the sweet (or not-so-sweet) sounds of street music and vibrant entertainment of magicians, dancers, and street performers.  Formally known as busking, many independent artists have made some nice pocket money serenading busy New Yorkers and dazzling eager tourists as they rush from destination to […]

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The Hit List

TUESDAY, APRIL 20 Martin Rivas at Rockwood’s Stage 2, 8:00pm followed by Rachel Platten at 9:00pm.  Hot new venue, FREE show! WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21 Harper Blynn at The Living Room, 9:00pm. Misty Boyce at Rockwood Music Hall, 10:00pm. Schuyler Fisk at The Living Room, 10:00pm. THURSDAY, APRIL 22 Dan Torres, Rosi Golan, and Gregory Alan […]

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Sharing the Dream.

Sharing the Dream.

You know those moments when you are sitting still and observing the world around you, and you’re suddenly overwhelmed with the simplest feeling of happiness?  That is precisely the way to describe the audibly stunned and enthused audience at Joe’s Pub this past Saturday night, as I watched two of my favorite and unquestionably talented […]

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