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Rebel Spirit Music and Flux Studios Presents…

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FROM REBEL SPIRIT MUSIC!!!! The Rebel Spirit Music Series has found a new home at Flux Studios (154 East 2nd Street btwn a and b). We had a perfect 2+ years with Rockwood and will miss them a great deal! We have come up with something new to offer you guys, though, and we think […]

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Shows This Week and a Songwriters Retreat

TUESDAY, APRIL 6 Lyle Divinsky at Rockwood Music Hall, 9:00pm WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7 Rebel Spirit Music Series at Rockwood Music Hall, 8:00-11:00pm featuring Matt Simons, Chris Ayer, Shanty Choir, and The Young Things THURSDAY, APRIL 8 Swamp Cabbage at Rockwood Music Hall, 9:00pm Chad Vaccarino and Mike Campbell at Rockwood Music Hall, 10:00pm Caleb Hawley […]

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Spring is in the air, Music is in the air…

MONDAY, MARCH 1 DAN TORRES w/ EMILY HOPE PRICE at Mercury Lounge, 7:30pm AMBER RUBARTH at Highline Ballroom, 9:00pm TUESDAY, MARCH 2 IAN AXEL at Joe’s Pub, 7:00pm WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3 REBEL SPIRIT MUSIC SERIES, featuring Russell Howard, Emily Zuzik, and Misty Boyce at Rockwood Music Hall, 8:00-11:00pm THURSDAY, MARCH 4 PATRYK LARNEY at Maxwells […]

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Two Big Shows!  Don't Miss!

Two Big Shows! Don't Miss!

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Don't Miss the Shows This Week!

This week brings an exceptional line-up of music to NYC, and I strongly urge you to come out and support as you are bound to be impressed and entertained in one swift listen.  Here’s where to go and who to see… MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30-  Canal Room starting at 8pm, two amazing bands back to back- […]

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CMJ Has Arrived!

There comes a time of year when thousands of talented, passionate artists, hungry, aggressive executives, and adoring, eager fans gather together to support the independent industry celebrating a hopeful discovery of the latest and greatest.  This week is called CMJ, a Music Marathon and Film Festival that starts today, October 20, in our grand old […]

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Give a Little Bit...

Give a Little Bit…

It’s so easy as artists to get caught up in the selfish aspect of the business.  Constant self-promoting, unavoidable praise and criticism, and the permanent wheel of creativity that spins in your head leaves little time for other outlets in your life.  Sometimes, it’s best to stop for a moment, and instead of working on […]

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On Tap This Week…

My picks for the musical brews of the week: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7: REBEL SPIRIT MUSIC SERIES, Rockwood Music Hall, 8-11pm.  FREE SHOW! Featuring: Martin Rivas, Jefferson Hamer, Chris Batten and the Woods, and Stacy Rock! THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8: Will Knox, 9pm, Rockwood Music Hall followed by Dan Torres‘ Week Two Residency, 10pm, with Emily Hope […]

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