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Video of the Week: Barnaby Bright, "Old Coats"

Video of the Week: Barnaby Bright, “Old Coats”

The official music video for “Old Coats” from the latest Barnaby Bright album, “The Longest Day,” releasing worldwide on October 23, 2012. Filmmakers: Patryk Larney and Andy Strohl Produced by: Strohl Digital Productions and The CEO Artist Starring: Barnaby Bright (Becky and Nathan Bliss), James Allerdyce and Mallory Hawks Director: Patryk Larney Director of Photography: […]

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Event Alert! Jesse Terry's "Empty Seat on a Plane" Release Show!

Event Alert! Jesse Terry’s “Empty Seat on a Plane” Release Show!

Come join Jesse Terry celebrate the release of his Pledge Music funded album “Empty Seat on a Plane” this Wednesday, July 11, 8pm at Rockwood Music Hall.  Jesse will be joined by Jeremy Goldsmith on guitars, Matt Simons on piano/vocals, James “Downtown” Williams on percussion/drums, Alicia Lemke on harmonies and special guests to celebrate the night. […]

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Exclusive Interview: Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians

Exclusive Interview: Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians

Perhaps one of the most exciting things along the artistic journey of self-discovery and creative expression is the moment when you stop trying to be like everyone else, and embrace who you truly are.  Such was the case for Stephie Coplan, singer-songwriter and front woman for Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians, an energetic and bold […]

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In My Life.

In My Life.

It’s the Monday after a long holiday weekend in the States, and here in London I’m getting ready to head out to Brighton for the next show on the US and the Brit Tour featuring Bess Rogers, Alex Berger and Caleb Hawley.  This weekend was an interesting one for me, as I celebrated both Thanksgiving […]

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Derek James: "Take You Out Dancing"

Derek James: “Take You Out Dancing”

Derek James’s Take You Out Dancing is aptly named.  Full of upbeat tracks with strong swing influences, you cannot listen to it without tapping your foot along with the music. On my first stream of the album, I felt as if I was being transported back sixty or so years. There are clear jazz influences, […]

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Important Update: After the Flood

Important Update: After the Flood

An important message from Martin Rivas, organizer of After the Flood: A Compilation to Benefit Upstate NY Victims of Hurricane Irene: “This update comes to you with as heavy a heart as I have had in a long time. The flooding in Upstate New York following Hurricane Irene has left many small towns and farms destroyed. […]

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Exclusive Interview: Mat Kearney

Exclusive Interview: Mat Kearney

In late 2006 I was driving to work and this awesome, roll-your-windows-down-sing-out-loud-and-embrace-life song came on the radio.  That song was Mat Kearney’s “Nothing Left to Lose.” I immediately added it to my playlist for dance class, along with the rest of his album, and found myself passing this new singer-songwriter along to colleagues and students […]

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Traveling Artist Alert: Craig Greenberg

NYC singer/songwriter, Craig Greenberg, who recently released his 2nd EP (Spinning In Time), and just announced the signing of a music publishing deal with LoveCat Music, is currently traveling in Ecuador to give a songwriting class for a week at a music school in Quito.  He’ll be teaching at the Fundación BrassBand del Ecuador (FBBE) - a school […]

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The Magic of The Backscratch Sessions

The Magic of The Backscratch Sessions

In April 2009, about three months into the development of NYC Art Scene, I was informed about a new event that was starting up at The Red Lion.  The evening was titled, “The Backscratch Sessions” and the concept was simple- eight singer-songwriters gathered together for a performance of original music and covers.  The twist was […]

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Exclusive Interview: Ari Hest

Exclusive Interview: Ari Hest

At the beginning of an artist’s career the journey that lies ahead is always filled with the unknown. Record deals rise and fall, bands come together and split up, and solo artists experiment with their sound to find a niche that is not only comfortable but will also bring them success.  Singer-songwriter, musician, and seasoned performer Ari […]

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