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Exclusive Interview: Timur Yusef

Exclusive Interview: Timur Yusef

  London-born Timur Yusef is a prolific and eclectic drummer. Based in NYC for almost 4 years, he’s worked with a wide range of musicians and bands, a testament to his talent, professionalism and sheer love for the greatness music can hold. Influenced by his father’s classical albums and later experiences with the likes of The Beatles, […]

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Artist Spotlight: Beth Skillicorn

Artist Spotlight: Beth Skillicorn

Beth Skillicorn is a self taught artist, writer and designer who has created works of art mostly for self expression. Her style is evident throughout all her works She has developed many of her own techniques and unique mediums, from bas-relief carved papers to thick plaster frescos, from charcoal and ink drawings to pastel rendering on distressed clay […]

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Inspiring Talks: Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity

I cannot believe I haven’t posted this video yet because it’s one of my all-time favorite TED talks.  Elizabeth Gilbert is a woman I admire for both her voice as a writer and her approach to her life and career.  She worked hard for her success and overcame personal turmoil to go and be one […]

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On the Rise: A Glimpse Into "Lightning Bugs"

On the Rise: A Glimpse Into “Lightning Bugs”

NYC Art Scene last spoke with Ree Merrill two years ago, when her original play “A Broken Barbie” made it’s debut at The Strawberry One-Act Festival in New York City.  Since then Ree has gone on to star in numerous independent films, join a fantastic group of artists called “The Indies Lab” and finish another piece […]

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Inspiring Talks: JK Rowling, The Fringe Benefits of Failure

“Failure meant a stripping away of the inessential.  I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me.  Had I really succeeded at anything else, I might never had found the determination to succeed in […]

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Live Passionately.

Live Passionately.

The past few weeks I’ve been missing from the usual bustle of the NYC live arts scene because I’ve been with family celebrating a very exciting time.  My younger brother, Anthony, graduated from medical school last Sunday, and will be starting his residency at Methodist Hospital in Park Slope next month. Anthony and I are […]

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From the Editor: The Power of Words

When I was in eighth grade I was cast as one of the three leads in our school musical, “Anything Goes.”  I played Bonnie, a character role, and it was the first time ever I had a vocal solo onstage.  I was also the choreographer for many of the show’s big numbers, a job I […]

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Rachel Platten: Top 10 Reasons To Feel Amazing Now.

Rachel Platten: Top 10 Reasons To Feel Amazing Now.

I came across this blog post written by NYC Artist Rachel Platten the other day and I thought it was worth reposting to my readers.  I’m sure many people  can relate to the feelings her friend is experiencing and could benefit from Rachel’s beautiful words.  For more of Rach’s thoughts and writing check out her […]

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Be Brave.

Be Brave.

Last spring I participated in a writing class with Gotham Writer’s Workshop as a means to break through a bit of creative block I was experiencing in one of my projects. The great thing about putting yourself in an environment like that is the unexpected advice and perspective you receive from a professional who once […]

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